Top X Picks has launched, download app on Google Play & the App Store!

It’s the fun new social app for “top ten” lists. Top X Picks is a compilation of everyone’s best, worst, and “everything in between” picks, to form the master Top X Picks list on a subject.  Vote for your picks on each master list, or add your own picks and edit your list – up to 10 picks per member per list . You can also create a new list for others to add their input to the subject. Top X Picks takes into account where you put a pick on your list – #1 being at the top of the list and #10 being at the bottom of your list – to calculate the master Top X Picks list for that topic.

Click on the links below to download the Top X Picks app on Google Play & the App Store, or search for “top x picks”.

Get app on Google Play
Download app on the Apple store
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